Editor's Review of Single And Sober

Overall SatisfactionA - Value For MoneyA+ SupportA - Ease of UseA - Quality of MembersA+ SafetyA - FeaturesA -


• Regular membership is Free.
• Members are allowed to list their recovery dates and length of sobriety.
• Inappropriate content such as photos with beer and marijuana is prohibited.


• Website lacks users in many other countries except the U.S, Canada, Australia, and U.K.
• Strict no refund policy on their BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM membership fees.
• Only users with BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM membership fees can message other users.

Editor's Summary

Whether it is from substances or areas of mental health, addiction is a disease that is currently afflicting many people all over the world. A lot of these individuals are currently winning their battle with the disease by finding sobriety. Those who have found sobriety often prefer to establish healthy and meaningful relationships with other individuals also living clean lifestyles. As finding these individuals can get quite challenging and time-consuming, many newly sober folks have turned to singleandsober.com to find true love. Singleandsober.com is an online dating platform ideal not just for establishing clean and healthy relationships; but also for understanding more about addiction as a disease. All members are recovering addicts from alcohol and other substances and are extremely particular about finding love only with those who are equally serious about their sobriety. Many members even share their experiences and knowledge that includes insight and information about recovery tools such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, the 12-Step Program, and various rehabilitation programs across various countries to state a few. Moreover, what makes this website so ideal to the recovering addict is members automatically have access to blogs and posts that provide significant information about addiction, current events relating to addiction, and even dating tips for the newly sober. If you are in recovery and feel it is the right time to find true love, this is the website to join.

Sign-Up and Login Process

Becoming a member of Singleandsober.com is extremely easy. Visit the Singleandsober.com homepage and click the Sign-Up button located on the top right corner beneath Search Members and My Account. Next, you will need to fill out all the information required in the singleandsober.com register page, which includes information such as Account Details, Email Address, and Profile Details to state a few. After registering the information, you will need to open your email address where there will be a Confirmation Email requiring you to click on a link to confirm your membership. Click on this link to finalize the membership process.


For subscribers to truly maximize utilizing Singleandsober.com in the hopes of finding an ideal partner, it is highly recommended to spend for at least the BRONZE or SILVER membership. With these subscriptions, members can freely interact with each other by viewing other members’ profiles as well as being able to send and receive private messages. With these features, subscribers can initiate the communication required to establish online relationships that may turn out into something meaningful and substantial. At the very least, the communication can also become a tool for sobriety with users supporting each other by exchanging information about how to keep sober as well as where and when to attend the nearest Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in their respective areas.

Key Features

• View members profiles
• Send and receive private messages
• Add pictures to your profile

Safety and Security

As Singleandsober.com is a membership only online dating platform, members must pay for a 1-month or 3-month subscription before being able to utilize the website’s features. This requirement acts as a safety and security measure that ensures only real people who are serious about their recovery can join the website. Scammers and fake users would most likely be unwilling to pay for the monthly subscriptions and would need to find other websites to inflict their scams and cat-fishing in. All-in-all, Singleandsober.com is a safe and stable website for the newly sober looking for a second shot at romance.


Singleandsober.com has a variety of membership packages where users will be able to access many premium features. These packages range in price and offer extended durations of membership the range from a month to lifetime memberships. These packages are:

• Bronze - 1 Month - $9.99
• Silver - 3 Months - $19.99
• Gold - 6 Months - $29.99
• Platinum - Lifetime - $49.99