Editor's Review of Datememe

Overall SatisfactionB+ Value For MoneyA+ SupportA - Ease of UseA Quality of MembersB SafetyB FeaturesA -

Datememe is an entirely free website that has been around since 2012. Its a clean site that is really free and easy to use. Its got a nice design and layout so that you can register fast and get to understanding your way around pretty rapidly.

With regards to the registration, its incredibly fast and easy. Maybe the easiest we have seen! You are asked so few questions that you are up and running in seconds. You dont even have to fill out a profile. You can do that once you are logged in. All the questions about your appearance, uploading a photo and your general profile description are done after you are already active. You dont even need to verify an email address! Thats Fast! 

So since the site is free of course it has ads. Quite a few of them. But you can navigate around them pretty easily so thats really the price you pay for a free site. You get much of the same functions you expect on a dating site without the monthly pricetag so that is a big plus. We did run into some fake, scammer profiles but that is to be expected on all dating sites. They could do a better job of weeding them out. On the whole we did see a number of profiles to choose from both on the male and female side.

They also have newly updated iPhone app as well as Android app so thats definitely a good thing as well. They have definitel room for improvement on the app and desktop side but it looks like recent changes are a testament to their efforts.

If you are dipping your toes into the online dating game we think datememe.com is a good site to choose but just be a little careful of possible scammer profiles.