What would Jesus think of meeting someone on an online Christian dating website?

 More Christians than ever are trying online dating. But what would Jesus think of meeting someone on an online dating website? This is a popular topic of discussion among the singles at my Church. While some people feel Jesus would only approve of meeting someone in person, I think he would encourage anything that facilitates true love and leads to marriage, regardless of how you meet. 

I also believe Jesus would prefer us looking for marriage partners on a Christian dating site where other member are equally committed to their walk with Christ, than to using non-Christian sites. The Bible tells us that, as Christians, we should not marry an unbeliever. So I think Jesus would be happy that we are looking for marriage partners among people who share our beliefs and values.
I know some Christians feel you should passively wait for God to deliver a marriage partner into your life on his own time table, but I believe that he wants us to be proactive in our search. And I think actively meeting other Christians who may be appropriate future marriage partners online can be an effective method of doing this. I would urge caution though when meeting people online and advise you make sure they are who they say they are, and are truly good Christians before you begin sharing your personal information or agreeing to meet them in person.
In my opinion it doesn't matter how you meet. What really matters is keeping God as the center of your relationship. So I believe Jesus would be in favor of online Christian dating- as long as you are using it as a tool to find a marriage partner and you are true to your faith.