What should I say in an online dating site first message to break the ice?

In the world of online dating, a good opening line is essential. Your first message may be the only thing a potential date looks at, so you need to have a strong ice breaker. A good opening line will encourage further communication by arousing the interest of the person you’re contacting.


The best opening line is personalized one. Take the time to write something specific to show you have read the person’s dating profile and are not just sending a generic message. This will differentiate you from many of the other initial messages dating members receive. The more specific you can be about what you like or have in common with the other person, the better your chances of securing a date. If you show you’ve taken the time to carefully read their online dating profile, the other person will usually return the favor and at the very least, usually give your profile strong consideration.


Asking a person a question, about something they have on their dating profile is another great way to break the ice. People love to share their knowledge. Ask about a hobby. A place they’ve visited. Their work. Anything that genuinely interests you about them, can be an easy way to establish a connection and get past the early awkward stage of online communication.


If a person doesn’t have much information on their dating profile, but you’re interested in finding out more about them; an effective ice breaker can be telling them what you find attractive about them. Such as, you have a nice smile, I’d like to get to know more about you.


Now that you know how to break the ice, make sure you have interesting details and hobbies on your own profile. So when someone looks at it, in response to your opening message, they have something to ask you about.