Tips for an effective profile on a Christian dating website

To create an effective profile on a Christian dating website, you should follow a few simple tips. These tips will help you create a profile that stands out and gets more responses.

It’s important to start with a good username. Your username is the first thing a potential dating partner will see, so it’s your chance to make a good first impression. A creative username that says something about you is always better than a generic one.  A good headline is also important. Your favorite bible verse as a headline can make for a great conversation starter.

Next you should upload a current picture of yourself to your profile. At least one photo should be a headshot type photo that lets people accurately see what you look like. Make sure you’re smiling or at least have a warm expression on your face. You can also add other photos that show off your personality or interests.  A picture of you in an interesting location can be a great icebreaker for someone who contacts you. People with photos on their profile receive twice as many responses as people who don’t have any.

The bulk of the work of creating a dating profile is the questionnaire portion of the signup. Take the time to carefully fill out the dating site’s questionnaire or profile section. The more information you provide for your profile, the greater the chance that you will meet the type of people that you’re looking for. List all your interests and hobbies. The more you list, the better the chance that you find a common interest with potential future dating partners.  The goal is to create an honest profile that accentuates your best qualities. And most importantly for a Christian dating profile is to describe your walk with God. Give details of why your faith is important to you and how it helps you on a daily basis.

One thing to leave out of your profile is your personal information, such as your email, address or phone number. These should only be given out once you’ve have gotten to know someone on the dating site first. If you follow these tips when creating your Christian dating profile you will have a much more productive online dating experience.