Are Christian dating sites cleaner and more appropriate than regular dating sites?

As long as the site in question is truly a Christian site and not just a site with Christian in the name trying to make money, then yes Christian dating sites are definitely cleaner and more appropriate than regular dating sites.

A true Christian dating site will have a strict set of behavioral guidelines that forbid inappropriate behavior, lewd language or photos. They will have properly trained staff to monitor the site and make sure their rules are followed in order to create the best possible atmosphere for respectful Christian dating. The goal of the members on the site will be long term committed relationships and not short term flings.

There are other sites that claim to be Christian but are really Christian in name only and have an anything goes policy- as long as member pay their membership fees. These sites are easy to spot. As you will quickly see photos, language and behavior that are inappropriate for a true Christian website. If a site offers a free trial period, this is a good time to determine if the site is a true Christian site before you pay any money to join.

As far as regular dating sites go, if you are a Christian you will most likely not find the regular dating sites appealing. The behavior of many of their members will be offensive to you. Their morals will not be consistent with your beliefs and will create an uncomfortable dating environment for you.  So a Christian will definitely feel most comfortable with fellow believers on a Christian dating site than they would on a regular one.