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User Reviews of Zoosk

I found my soul mate on zoosk I m so happy now we r going to get married in October and we r going to get married in india its amazing how I found a guy from totally different culture but I love him..and all than to 'GOD'and ZOOSK. .....

Glendale heights, Illinois, US
User Rating : 4 out 7 Stars
Met my girlfriend 18 months ago and still madly in love with her! Our journey has just begun!!! Nice to have a site where woman can meet woman!

Longmont, Colorado, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars
This is actually the cheapest dating site Ive used with the best results. For the money I would definnitely recommend Zoosk. they have the largest numnber of people and for the cost I think you can definitely meet someone. Would say there is someone for everyone on Zoosk.

California, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars

They have denied the story section of my profile 5 times now. The first 3 i was trying to sneak my e-mail in. Now the moderators are just harrassing me. Don't hire kids to run your websites k?

Palmer, Alaska, US
User Rating : 3 out 7 Stars

Do not sign up for this site. Lots of monkey business and misleading of members apparently. The site sends you views from profiles that have not even looked at your profile! Alerts from members who "want to chat", but haven't even tried to contact you about chatting. That's flat out lying to people who are paying you money Zoosk. If Zoosk tells you otherwise, chances are they're lying. And one more thing. When you join, they say nothing about an additional one-time fee until you get to check out. I know you don't have to join at that point, but it's still deceptive in my opinion.

Texas, US
User Rating : 3 out 7 Stars

You can't send more than one message to someone without forking out a minimum of $60. I'll give it points for being easy as hell to use, if can use it. I personally can't justify spending that kind of money. At least let people get something out of the site before you try to empty their wallets. Terrible business model, potentially a massive scam, I can't prove it, so I'll default to the former.

Alabama, US
User Rating : 2 out 7 Stars
I have never written a review for a dating site but I thought saying something nice about Zoosk was well deserved. I have been dating a very special girl I met on Zoosk so obviously I had a great experience. You just need to be patient and serious about meeting someone. Zoosk got me the girl I only previously dreamt about. Thank you!

Sterling Heights, Michigan, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars

It's not worth the money. Contact between 2 users requires both to have a paid subscription, and of the 100+ users I've contacted, not one had a subscription. The daily matching system (ZMS) is a complete joke, on top of also needing a subscription to vote Yes or No on your match, the matches seem to become random (and sometimes I don't even get a daily match for days). They also advertise that if both users choose Yes on the ZMS match then they'll be contacted, however I've never received a single notification. My advice; save your money.

Texas, US
User Rating : 3 out 7 Stars

This site was not the best a preventing scammers. I was connect most often by of state people, but they claimed to be in state. They backed off when I asked for a local place they liked. Then the truth came out.. Save your cash. You can tell when people were last on.

Connecticut, US
User Rating : 2 out 7 Stars

I decided to check out zoosk after the holidays since it seems like a younger crowd. Certainly cant see my mom being on zoosk so wherever that is, thats where I wanted to be. Its definitely hipper and cooler than other dating sites so Im liking it. It took a little bit to understand how to get around but after that smooth sailing. Did I just say smooth sailing?

Plano, Texas, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars

Awesome site for any single who is looking to meet some fun people! The iPhone app makes it easy to connect with people on the go. I don't feel overwhelmed when I'm reviewing the different profiles because the matches are presented one at a time, and I feel like the matches are what I'm looking for. Thanks Zoosk!

San Francisco, California, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars
I really enjoy Zoosk! Im not sure what that other guy is talking about as he never mentioned the most important thing- are there a lot of good looking girls on the site? Answer: yes! filters? who really cares. Im more concerned about quality and number of people. Maybe its just me. Anyhow thats my 2 cents.

Las Vegas, Nevada, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars

I used Zoosk for about 4 months and had a good experience. The layout on mobile was better than the other sites and the age was a younger crowd. Probably not the best site for older people.

Chicago, Illinois, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars
Easy to set up profile w/ Facebook connect.

Portland, Oregon, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars