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User Reviews of Plenty Of Fish

I created ?several dating profile on POF(plenty of fish dating site) in the past and noticed that certain functions I was able to do before seem to have been altered with notice. I couldn't load pictures of myself, my search engine were reduced to the point I couldn't view every one's dating profile, and locked out of my account for hours. This is something that have been going on for a long time and til this day I still experience the same things?. I've sent several emails to POF's technical dept to bring to their attention my profile wasn't working properly with no response from them. I then realized what I was experiencing online couldn't happen by themselves. My knowledge in computers lead me to believe POF were the ones behind the discriminative behavior. Being that I'm a computer specialist, I would have to go to great length to counsel my identity so it wouldn't happen again which seem to work for a short period of time. To make a long story short. Recently, I created a POF profile under the name brotherman40 and notice the same pattern of events. But despite that I was experiencing all of these things in the past, I was never blocked from getting in to my POF account for this long. I'm completely upset with POF for the way they've treated me; and I'm even considering of taking legal actions against POF. This is something that need to stop because I feel no one should be treated this way. Thank you for reading.

Florida, US
User Rating : 1 out 7 Stars

I tried this site for several months and only talked to a few gals there. Big disappointment. There's way too many scammers, jokers and freaks there! Most of who I did talk to, I didn't talk to for long. I honestly doubt anybody there is looking for something real and serious. Most of who I talked to were wackos! My advice is stay away form this site!

Ohio, US
User Rating : 2 out 7 Stars

This site is run by a despotic imbecile there are countless users, myself included who have been deleted without be given any reason

Allentown, Pennsylvania, US
User Rating : 2 out 7 Stars

Decent looking females will not answer you. I got hit on by a transsexual. The only women that have been interested are too heavy to pick up

Michigan, US
User Rating : 2 out 7 Stars

I tried this site twice and the first time was okay but the second time was a horror story. I found mostly married men who are bored and looking for the promise of meeting rather than the actual meeting. The rest were men who should not date or the few I did meet, were filled with an incredible amount of anger and baggage. The worst esperience was when I started to exchange emials with a man who seemed genuine, Christian and AVAILABLE. When the third email turned sexual in nature I told him politely that I thought it was too early to talk about that, he replied with a tirade of fowl language and said I was a bitter c**t. Left and have never looked back.

Georgia, US
User Rating : 3 out 7 Stars
My account was created and then deleted within a day. I made the account and after I told the first guy that harassed me to leave me alone, I found my account deleted and am unable to rejoin and was given no warning or reasoning via message or email. I would never EVER recommend this site to someone even if I didn't like them. Your best bet is to just find another site because this is a waste or time and energy, especially considering that I took time to thoroughly fill my profile out only to have it erased in a second.

Chesapeake, Virginia, US
User Rating : 1 out 7 Stars
There is a mobile app....

User Rating : 3 out 7 Stars

The sight seemed ok at first but then i started noticing some things like, un active profiles that should be deleted, and most of all there should be an option of who can contact you and who cant i did end up meeting a handful of cool people on there but i also got hit on my too many men and transgender...very un comfortable a few minor changesw/the help from quality woman and the site would be so much better not to sound rude or anything but i'm not a chubby chaser and I at least am looking for someone who is on the same level as me "physically' that goes for looks and physique Also if you delete your account and want to go back you will need to re register with a different e-mail account

Boston, Massachusetts, US
User Rating : 2 out 7 Stars
POF has good options and it is free

Madrid, ES
User Rating : 4 out 7 Stars

First time I tried it, I bought a membership. Met a nice lady but things didn't last for the long run. Second time I just signed up, no paid membership. I was asked a lot the first time if it was worth paying when they were getting if for free. (see the joke about the green grass-fence-and the cow; Got Milk?) I was getting mail from people that I could not respond to, they sent me a note and I was sent a dear John letter when I replied. Some I sent notes to and did not get a reply, no big deal. Except when on local meets, like karaoke nights, I would see them and they would tell me that they had not seen any of my mail. What ever!!

Luling, Louisiana, US
User Rating : 1 out 7 Stars

Complete joke. Nobody on this site is serious about anything. Spent countless hours messaging users who "will respond" never even got so much as a "hi". Im certainly not going to waste my money to "upgrade" when i could get nothing for free.

Norfolk, Virginia, US
User Rating : 2 out 7 Stars