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User Reviews of EHarmony

I met my boyfriend on eHarmony and we are talking about a wedding date! We have been dating for over a year now and I really thank eHarmony for bringing us together. It has been a real blessing!

Jacksonville, Florida, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars

Had to get on here and give my 2 cents! Loved E Harmony! I have been a member of more dating sites than I would like to admit and E Harmony is by far my best experience. Simple things like the billing and customer service and over of course to the results, the matches and the website is far superior than all others. I think they really improved their site and features in the last 6 moths which may be why you see so many commercials now. Anyhow, I hope you find some good dates!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars

I paid special offer of $155 for 12 months in Perth, western Australia and have found after about the first 25 matches they seem to have run out of guys to send me. I have sent a lot of these a smile or hi there in an email but only 2 have replied saying they have just started seeing someone else sorry. Whether the other guys haven't paid and can't contact me back, and are just to stingy or they are fake profiles or just very fussy I don't know. Some of them don't even have pics and I feel it's very frustrating that surely out of that many guys some would contact me back. On plenty of fish I was fighting them back with a stick lol. Anyway I contacted them and said I wanted to cancel and they said no go and sorry I wasn't happy but according to them it's all above board. They shouldn't let people join if they're not going to pay. At least with RSVP if one of you pays you can make contact, much fairer. And also you can't search profiles, you just have to wait for them to send you matches which I don't think they have, not here anyway.

perth, Western Australia, AU
User Rating : 2 out 7 Stars

Maybe 1/5 profiles is actually active you are being matched with someone's god knows when created account instead of being matched with real people.

Alabama, US
User Rating : 3 out 7 Stars

Good place to meet a male that is looking for marriage

makati, Manila, PH
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars
Ive been a member of eharmony 2 different times. I was a member a few years back and got into a relationship but it didnt work out. I was skeptical about the matching system and whether I wanted to try it again. I cautiously signed up again and forunately I found someone that I was very compatible with. that of course was a great relief and now I am in a happy committed relationship. I had some trouble signing up again since I thought they already had all of my information but it was way more complicated than it needed to be in my opinion. Nonetheless I got support in signing back up and very happy with the outcome.

Dayton, Ohio, US
User Rating : 4 out 7 Stars
After signing up for eHarmony I began to get messages from people who matched up with my personality. a good number of them seemed interesting and intriguing so I was optimistic with their algorithm and ability to match me up with someone. So far the people I have met for dates have been pretty cool overall but no spark. Im still optimistic though.

Mesa, Arizona, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars
Just wanted to let everyone know that not only do I think eHarmony is a great dating site but I met my husband on this site! We were married on June 1, 2012! Thank you eHarmony!!!

Garden Grove, California, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars