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User Reviews of Gay

This site was completely overhauled and for the worse. The chat is not streamed have to reload page constantly in chat rooms. Problems everyday and management does nothing to correct it and often takes retribution on those who point it out. registered a complaint and found the next day I did not have premium access even though I have been paying for it. second time they did that.

Alabama, US
User Rating : 1 out 7 Stars
gay.com did a complete site overhaul in Jan '13, Eliminated the chat/ replaced with message board style. 3 months into launch. still full of non working features and glitches. VERY difficult to navigate. can't eliminate unwanted contacts out of your messages, or eliminate even unwanted messages. The message board filled with comments from dissatisfied users. minimal advantage to being a paid member other than eliminating ads. Editors need to update their information as their review is no longer valid. Site owned by HERE media as of few years ago. and their features list is not reflective of the revamped site.

Sarasote, Florida, US
User Rating : 2 out 7 Stars
I may be old school but I really liked the old gay.com much much better. Loved there chat site. So did many of us only reason us men were on there so we could chat. Now for some reason they had to change every thing. And take a dang good thing away. Its no good for me that's for sure. I can meet men on other sites. Gay.com has really gone down hill. Listen to you long term members and there concerns we all want the chat site you were befor. I know you have received many complaints. You still don't listen

Alabama, US
User Rating : 2 out 7 Stars