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The quality of members is low, since the members are men pretending to be women, and not actually women. The site is easy to use, but could use some enhancements. Safety & Features should actually get -5 Stars instead of +1 Star. This site is for persons experienced in on-line dating, and who are also emotionally mature or otherwise emotionally healthy, or who have experience in frauds or some law enforcement or legal background, or psychology, social work, counseling or interviewing (in order to spot the many, many phonies). Features is an all or nothing deal with "notifications." You either block all, or get bombarded by letters, 90% of which are phony fakes. A proper site not engaging in fraud or deception would permit you to block individual senders. I did not rate Support, since I have not used it, and wouldn't trust it anyway. I did not rate Value for Money, because I have not committed any money as of yet. I'm on the fence, leaning towards abandoning the site. Occasionally you get that 1 out of 10 letter that isn't a fake, and the woman is quite attractive with some nice qualities and personal traits (according to her), but there's a serious lack of trust. Overall Satisfaction is very low and I cannot recommend the site to others. I certainly would not suggest the site to those who have the "stink of desperation" as they would only get played and their bank account drained. Not being able to contact the women directly is a scam as well. Once you pay for the over-priced travel arrangements, do you have a translator/chaperone escorting you around? No. It would seem the mysterious problem of "translation" resolves itself on its own, so you can see how flimsy that excuse is.

Ohio, US
User Rating : 2 out 7 Stars

This website is a TOTAL scam. I have spent way to much money on it & have gotten NOTHING in return. I made the mistake of talking to several ladies at the same time, hoping that one of them might turn out to be the woman for me. After talking to them for 2 months & supposedly developing a relationship with them, they started telling me they were going to come see me at Christmas & New Years. Then right before the holidays they all made excuses why they couldnt come. They promised me they would come later but now I know they are all liars & phonies. I would get 100 letters a day, even from women I had not requested letters from. I called "Joe" the jerk that runs the website & he gave me some bullshit excuse why he couldnt do anything about it. He also ADMITTED to me that the letters are not sent by the ladies themselves, but by staff members! Also, I would get the exact same letter 3,4 & 5 times from the same lady in the same day! I would also get letters that had the exact same title from more than one lady, so these guys would take one letter & send it from thousands of different "ladies" even though they had no idea what it said! Please dont do what I did & waste money on this website. It is a total fraud & I hope someone sees this review before they spend one dime there. I lost a lot of money for nothing, please dont be a fool like I was.

Alabama, US
User Rating : 1 out 7 Stars

Here is the bottom line... Foreign Ladies wants your money...most of the letters you receive are not written by your "girlfriend" but by a staff of writers they have ... they know that you will o "open" everything, so they send you "nice, short notes" and you will not find out they your "girlfriend" did not write the majority of letters you receive from her until you actually go there and meet her. I write all of this from 1st hand experience... I've been to the Philippines and visited the office and wondered (boy was I dumb) why they had such a staff of women there 24 hours a day... I did travel to the Philippines and did meet my girlfriend in person, and when we compared notes I realized that over 50% of the letters were not written by her...but I was lucky, because once I met her I no longer had to pay to communicate with her. Foreign Ladies monitors all communication... so if you are writing to more than one woman and making love to all of them in letters, well Foreign Ladies will let the girl know if you decide to make arrangements to visit her... I know because the manager told me so..also, even after my girlfriend became inactive, Foreign Ladies still uses her profile and their admin staff answers the letters until you want to make arrangements to visit, and then all of a sudden she doesn't want to see you, or she has a boyfriend that she didn't tell you about...it's a game with Foreign Ladies...they want the money...but they still need to attract female clients so that they can keep their website fresh...so you pay your money and you take your chances...I was lucky, my girlfriend did not send me or answer the first letters I wrote, but they informed her that I was interested and so she did start to respond and we wrote letters back and forth for almost 4 months...a minimum of two and sometimes four letters a day...and it's like gamboling...once you start you figure that you will loose all your investment if you don't meet the woman. Remember that almost all of these women are catholic... so if their first letters tell you they want nothing but hot sex with you... they didn't write that... my girlfriend did participate in some of these organized visits. She said that she would get a message at the last minute asking her if she would show up...usually at a very nice place and food and drinks would be paid for...but she would be asked to sit down and talk to someone she had never corresponded with... usually 4 girls and one guy to a table, and then after a while the guys would change tables...and no time to really get a feeling for anyone...I never went through that because I just paid to meet this one woman... not part of a group...all I can say is I felt like I was being ripped off all the time but Foreign Ladies was in control all the time.. I guess it would be different with a country that doesn't speak English when I need someone to translate and I would pay for that service.

Nevada, US
User Rating : 2 out 7 Stars