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User Reviews of Adult Friend Finder

the only reason Im writing this review is because I signed up on AFF and if I had listened to the negative reviews on here I would have missed out. Been having solid results and the last negative review is BS. Probably a competitor or someone angry with disappointment.

New York, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars

Pretty lame, all in all. Low response rate from female i contacted. Gay and bisexual men contacted me even I clearly was interested in women only. Swinging couples only interested in women.

Alabama, US
User Rating : 2 out 7 Stars

So I just discovered that penthouse group that bought aff just sold it back to the main people who started the site. the quality was going down big time in my opinion but it is amazingly, noticably much better in the last few months. Ive noticed new things on the site, features and cleaned up profiles (fake ones gone) and a lot more. If you are checking out the site you are in luck because youre coming in at just the right time when there is a major quality cleanup and upgrade going on I think.

Gainesville, Florida, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars

If anyone is trying out hookup dating sites or whatever you want to call these, Adult friend finder is the way to go. I dont really even know why Im writing this review other than the fact I saw some others that were by some haters. AFF has by far the most real girls especially if you are travelling. There are a lot of choices in different cities in the US and other countries. Yeah Ive seen fakes but the reals far outweigh them and thats why AFF has my vote.

Boston, Massachusetts, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars
too many old profiles. only about 2 out of 10 are active and only 4 out of 10 have checked their profiles in less than three months. not enough restrictions on who contacts you. I was contacted by persons that I had no reason to be contacted by other than they were just seeing if I would bite. good features though. you can get good results depending on your standards.

el paso, Texas, US
User Rating : 3 out 7 Stars

There really is no better site for adult material than adult friend finder

Alabama, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars
I'm not in a big city but use the site when I travel

Colorado, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars
I have joined AFF for a month or two several times over the years and the same problem always exists. There are WAY too many fake profiles. That said, I can deal with that issue. What really turned me off to the site is that my paid membership expired recently and AFF generated emails to me from paying members without their knowledge. The reason AFF did this is because I can only respond to those emails IF I renew my membership. So now, in addition to the fake profiles, AFF themsleves are generating fake emails to get you to renew your membership. I will never return.

Wisconsin, US
User Rating : 3 out 7 Stars
Ive been a member of this site now for a few months and Ive got to say Im very surprised at how many REAL women there are on the site. I definitely didnt expect there to be a whole lot, if anything I was just checking it out but highly skeptical. I am telling you there are definitely a good number of women that sign up for Adult Friend Finder EVERY DAY! Im very good at spotting scammers or fake profiles too so I assure you these women are real. Check it out for yourself.

Summerlin, Nevada, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars
The best adult dating site period.

Washington, US
User Rating : 4 out 7 Stars
not very experienced in joining adult sites I decided on adult friend finder simply because it was the most familiar name in adult dating or whatever you want to call it. Its kind of the match.com of adult sites so there is some comfort in knowing that they cant rip you off in billing and also they have the most members. the site was a well made site that indeed had lots of members to choose from and has a lot of functions that you would have never even thought existed. I would say that my review of adult friend finder is a positive one in that I have had only good things to say about it so far and Ill continue being a member of the site. Definitely something different for me in a good way.

Austin, Texas, US
User Rating : 4 out 7 Stars
Adult Friend finder is definitely the best site with the most members in this category. Id say maybe they could drop the prices since they are like the highest paid dating site in the world. other than the price its the best. I guess you get what you pay for.

Tempe, Arizona, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars
come on, who wouldnt go straight to AFF when you want to join an adult site? Hands down the best with the most members

Denver, Colorado, US
User Rating : 5 out 7 Stars
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